A Cordial Invitation

 We crave to rave, oh beauteous and lovely youth of Bad Dog
Come gentle hope, to bid the shapes of fear and grief depart
From the anus we bloom, that fancy ring of radiance
Come glowing on the dazzling ray of laser beam dear cherubs
Revolve in the orb of mongrel, hound, mutt
We will move to the rhythm of ages, new and long done at


=== Renaissance Rave ===

Your immaculate presence is requested between the suitable hours of 2pm - 11pm on Sunday 2nd of October, Two Thousand and Twenty-Two.

Located in the gardens of Portugal Madeira Club 1 Denby St, Marrickville, this ostentatious estate house will provide a variety of refreshments to meet your every need.  

Alchemists Baron Bill Cotsis Lord from the House of Jack, Sir Steve Sonius protector of the Broken Crate along with Empress Annabelle Gaspar Guardian of the Underworld and Mother of the Groove will provide splendiferous sound collage conveyed through the ether with aid of High Wizard Kevin Davision and his magical sound reinforcement. 

Absorb visual elixirs as Enchantress Marion Conrow conjures a carnival of light and otherworldly continuances to astound and enrapture. 

If you so choose our documentarians Joy and John boy will capture your image as a memento of your evening’s experience which will be available to you via the magic of world’s wide web

Avail yourself of the treasures and riches for the impending date Saturday 13th of August
at Humanitix 

Be ready darling pups, for space we hath is limited

Our Humanitix link to Bad Dog Renaissance Rave is about ready and will go live Saturday 13 August at 11am.


We understand that some of us are doing it tough at the moment, if you are unwaged or need a helping paw,

please reach out to us by emailing info@baddog.net.au